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Why Should You Opt for Our Camera Drain Survey?

A camera drain survey is an excellent way to inspect your drainage system to check for any kind of problems that do not appear on the surface. This procedure gives you a glimpse deep within the drainage system of your house and helps you determine the issue. More importantly, such a survey can help you save a lot of money in the future if it finds any impending issues in your drainage system.

What is the Process Like?

The process of a camera drain survey is quite straightforward. Here, a high-tech waterproof camera is attached to a fibre optic cable, and it is then pushed down the drain from one of the access points. A good thing about this is that it does not require any demolition work or digging. Then, the camera gives a real-time view of the drainage system on a computer that the plumber uses to inspect the condition of your drain lines.

An experienced plumber can easily spot the issues, even those that have not yet started showing symptoms, via this survey. They can detect small problems like leaks or clogs, and even significant issues like pipe collapses or root intrusions. All of this is figured out without digging a hole into your backyard or breaking your wall.

Once they figure out the issue, the next step is to let you know about it. A customer-centric plumber will be honest about the issue and will come up with a reasonable cost for the solution that meets your demand as well as your budget. If you are happy with the offer, they then carry out the repair procedure to fix the issue. 

Such ease of procedure, along with fantastic results, is why a camera drain surveys an industry-leading method to figure out the issues, even those that are usually difficult to spot on the surface.

When is the Right Time for a Camera Drain Inspection?

You should consider camera drain surveys for the following reasons:

1) While Moving to a New Home

You are moving into a new house where you have to inspect the plumbing system, including sewer and drainage,  thoroughly to ensure it is in top condition. Here, just looking at the system may not reveal all the issues; hence, a camera drain survey can help you inspect the system from within.

2) During Regular Maintenance and Inspection

You are carrying out a regular inspection of your plumbing system. Again, just looking at the system may not reveal all the issues; hence, by incorporating a camera drain survey in your annual inspection can help you figure out any underlying problems in your drainage system.

3) You Suspect a Drainage Issue

If you notice that your drain is slow to flush, you smell a nasty odour, or if you find impacted soil or pooling in your backyard, then it is a sign of drainage system damage. In such a case, the best option is to carry out a camera drain inspection to figure out the problem without causing any damage to the property.

Pentech Plumbing provides class-leading camera drain surveys in Ottawa for competitive prices, ensuring the best results and utmost customer satisfaction. For more details, reach out to us now.

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