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Emergency Service

Available 24/7

Emergency Service

Available 24/7

900 Lady Ellen Place

Ottawa, ON

The Drain Company That Plumbers Call!

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100% guarantee and among the most substantial warranties in the business!

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From the first call to the clean up, we strive to make your experience the best it can be so you think of PenTech Plumbing & Drains the next time around.

No job is too big or too small, we’ve got you covered. No matter the time or day. We’ll have an expert plumber at your property in no time!

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    Why Choose Us

    Fast & Efficient Service

    Expert technicians, Highly trained and experienced plumbers; who know exactly what to do to get the job done right—the first time.

    Qualified team

    Rigorously trained and highly experienced service professionals with detailed background checks on all of our technicians.

    Dependable Warranties

    Some of the most substantial warranties in the business. "Top Warranty protection you can depend on"


    The PenTech Difference

    Drain problems are our specialty. While many plumbing companies offer drain services, it can be that it is only an add-on to their main focus (plumbing). PenTech in contrast, has drains listed as our #1 Specialty!


    Because of this, it is not uncommon for us to receive calls from customers who already had the general plumbers attend. Sometimes the company has failed to clear the blockage, or did clear it, and it blocked again shortly after. We even receive calls now and then from plumbing companies directly, who request our services in recognition of our abilities.


    Drain clearing can seem pretty simple on the surface, and often getting water passing again is not that difficult. This is about where your typical “poke and run” drain call can end. However the methods and practices used can make a huge difference in how long that the drain will remain clear, whether or not the blockage will resurface somewhere else in the system and cause the same problem again – or worse. 


    Water Damage is cited by some industry experts to be the #1 cause of home insurance claims. Sewage back ups, and fixture overflows are a significant factor in these statistics. 


    The PenTech difference is that we follow a complete and thorough, 12 point system. Our 12 point system based on our vast experience in the field of drain clearing, care, and maintenance. This system implements the care, thoroughness, and professionalism that comes standard with each PenTech Service call.


    While our affordable pricing is based on industry standards, we are absolutely focussed on providing the best value for every dollar spent. We will not be back for the same problem twice – 100% guaranteed!


    Our system is only a part of our success with drains. A system is not much use without proper implementation. Our specialty trained, background checked and drug tested rooter plumber ensure the issue will be handled in the best long term interest of the customer. 


    Finally, no drain job is done without a good and proper cleanup! While our floor protectors, and sheeting do most of the job, we will thoroughly clean up after every job and even disinfect our work area. We do not claim to be professional cleaners, but we do our best to come very close!


    Our exceptional review rating is a direct result of our standards and our efforts at being the best there is, when it comes to residential drain services.


    When it comes to rooter and handling drains, “the sure hand” is PenTech Plumbing!

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