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Sure you can.

But I do not advise it.

Firstly, do you know what is down your sink? How bad is the clog? What is it? The chemical decloggers are designed to essentially melt away/burn the clog out of the way acheter cialis 20. What if whatever is stuck down there isn’t going to to give way under that?

Well, now you have that chemical in your pipes, and if they are plastic it is likely the chemical is doing more harm to those than the clog.

Some of these decloggers are filled with unsafe, environmentally UNfriendly ingredients – things we really don’t want in our sewers.

And if you have water come back up?   Now it is filled with chemicals, so if you have kids or pets around, you have a real hazard. Not to mention your own skin!

So when you have a nasty clogged drain, give us a call – we can help!


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