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Hey there! I’m Sam, your plumber at Pentech.

One thing I get a lot of calls about are clogged toilets, and often it’s an avoidable call. I was asked recently,

“What are the top things that clog toilets?”

and so I thought I’d compile a list for you folks.

  1. Hair  – Lots of people don’t think twice about cleaning  their brush off and dropping that clump into the toilet and flushing it. It is one of the worst offenders for clogging.
  2. Dental Floss – Like hair, people don’t think this small item can cause damage, but over the days, months  and years this can really become a problem.
  3. Food  – It’s a good rule of thumb to just not put anything you put into your mouth directly into the toilet. Whatever it is, especially if it is greasy and oily, can quickly cause a disgusting mess.
  4. Flushable” Wipes  – In my experience they aren’t that flushable. Too think and don’t break down quickly enough. Combine them with anything else on this list and it totally spells trouble.
  5. Feminine Hygiene Products – These items are absolutely not designed to go down into your pipes. Public restrooms always supply a place to throw these in the garbage, and you should do that too.

These 5 things I see often enough, and tend to be a surprise to my clients, so spread the word and save yourself what could be a costly visit from  your friendly neighbourhood plumber!

Author: Pentech Mechanical

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